Books I’ve used to teach Spanish (and that you can use too)


Hola Amigos y Amigas,

I’ve been teaching at the West End Community Centre in Vancouver for almost 5 years.  I love teaching this beautiful language to such an amazing group of students. Each semester I aim to bring interesting facts, cultural information, and useful phrases that you can use on your travel adventures.

This year we’ve added two community activities as part of our cultural learning, these are El restaurante and a visit to watch live Flamenco. Join us for another semester of fun-based learning.   Ole!

In our classes we build a foundation with a bit of simple grammar, the alphabet, and then add opportunities to practice inside the class and outside. Then use this website for learning support, it contains sections with worksheets, class lessons, learning tips and what’s happening in the community.

Following is a list of books I’ve used for teaching this class. I’d like to list these here for you to consider as learning resources, in addition to the ones you’ll be given in class and/or on this website.  Please note the comments are subjective and based on personal experiences (mine and my students).

Great book, easy to follow but a little academic, it’s packed with material you might find hard to do on your own. Great book if you want to continue learning at an academic level. Comes with a very useful language Lab app, also has flashcards, helps you customize your study and quickly see where you may need to spend more time.

We used this book last summer for a condensed 6-weeks class.  It has a good format and easy to follow instructions.  This book has words used in Spain so remember if you are travelling to Latin America, look up their equivalent. This book also comes with a free App you can download from the google app store. Nice!

I love these series! The book characters are based on real life students whose travels and humorous stories are shared with all – very relatable.   The only drawback, is that the book comes with a CD and not everyone has a CD player.

You can purchase these at the Langara bookstore.  Just remember to buy them before school starts as they order these for their own students.

Another fantastic resource that will take you to an intermediate level.  I love the learning tips in this book, I’ve posted these in the learning resources section.

and off course, we can’t forget…..

Easy and practical, it contains a CD and you can probably find this one at a second-hand bookstore, remember those? That’s where I found mine!

Books I’ve used for the intermediate or more adventurous learner:

Contains over 100 articles in Spanish with a bilingual glossary on the left side of the page, so you can build your vocabulary.  The stories shared provide information on the diversity of peoples found in Spanish speaking countries.

There you have it, there are other books in my ever-growing library – but whatever book, App or method you choose to support your learning, enjoy! And and don’t give up, perseverance is key to learning a new language.  Mucha suerte amigos, hasta luego!