Beginners – level 1

This is what we’ll be learning in Beginner’s Level 1

  • The alphabet, masculine/femenino
  • Introducing and talking about yourself (your name, where you are from, what you are doing, where you are traveling).
  • Numbers, colours and using these in daily situations such as: telling date and time, going shopping.
  • Asking for directions (a bit more besides – where is the bathroom! )
  • Food and the restaurant – Including: names of fruits and vegetables;  ordering food and drinks
  • Asking important questions with: how? what,?why? when? where?
  • Basic grammar to help you form simple sentences,
  • Commonly used verbs you need to know
  • Must know phrases in emergencies, bookings and hotel/travel forms

Here are the lessons, just click on the link to download it. Lessons are generally uploaded a few days after class!

Lesson 1:  Alphabet, Cognates, intro to greetings

L1, Lesson 1 Handout – El alfabeto o abecedario

L1, Lesson 1 Handout – Los cognados

Lesson 2: Greetings

L1, Lesson 1 and 2 Handout – Saludos

Lesson 3: Verb to be (Verbo Ser y Estar)

L1 Lesson 3 Handout – Verbo SER o ESTAR

L1 Lesson 3 Handout – worksheet Verbos Ser yEstar

L1 Lesson 3 SERvsESTARFreebie

L1 Lesson 3 ServsEstarCrossword

L1 Lesson 7: ¿Cúanto cuesta?

Leccion#7 Los numeros 0 -30

Leccion 7- ¿Cúanto Cuesta?