Beginners – level 1

This is what students will be learning at the West End Community Centre – Beginner’s Level 1

  • Greetings, introducing and talking about yourself (your name, where you are from, what you are doing, where you are traveling).
  • Numbers, colours and using these in practical situations such as: telling date and time, going shopping.
  • Asking for directions (a bit more besides – where is the bathroom?)
  • Food and the restaurant – scenarios we practice include: learning the names of fruits and vegetables; being able to order food and drinks
  • How to ask important questions using: how, what, why, when, where
  • Important phrases you need to know for emergencies, booking a room, filing out forms.
  • The alfabet, masculine/femenino and a little basic grammar that will allow you to form simple sentences
  • Some commonly used verbs you need to know