Beginners level 2

Spanish lessons at the West End Community Centre

Before this level you have learned:  

Basic numbers and counting. The date, seasons, colours. Basic phrases, how to introduce yourself, speak about what you do and where you are from.  Gender, basic grammar, the verb to be, and how to form a simple sentence. All in the present tense.

In this level we will continue to: 

Learn more commonly used verbs, describe things you do, we also learn to communicate using the past and future tense.  We also practice speaking more in Spanish and read simple stories to increase comprehension.

Lesson 1: Introductions (using spoken Spanish)

Level 2 Lesson 1 – Handout Los cognados T:F,

L1, Lesson 1 Handout – El alfabeto o abecedario

Lesson 2: Verb to be (Ser or Estar in present tense)

Level 2, Lesson 2 Handout – Verbo Ser ó Estar (Verb to be)



Lesson 3: Regular verbs (ending in -AR, -ER, -IR)

Lesson 4: Ser o Estar (Past tenses); more verbs -AR, -ER and -IR 

Level 2 Lesson 4 H:O – Ser y Estar (pasado)