What I teach

How to communicate in real -life contexts

Using common phrases to help in your travels in Spanish-speaking countries 

Simple grammar – so you can speaking Spanish correctly 

Beginners 1, Beginners 2 and low intermediate level classes

Tailor-made lessons for individuals and groups – for those who require a specialized curriculum 

Note: Handouts provided in class can be used as guides when travelling.

Spanish Level 1 – For Beginners and Travellers

Hola! This class is for everyone who wants to learn Spanish for travel,  adventure, or to gain language skills.

We learn through videos, lectures, conversations and cultural outings and we cover:

  • The alphabet
  • Introductions (your name, where you are from, what you are doing, where you are traveling).
  • Numbers and colours 
  • Date and time
  • Travel arrangements – bookings and travel forms
  • Asking for directions 
  • Going shopping
  • Food and eating: names of fruits and vegetables, ordering at a restaurant
  • Asking important questions with: how? what? why? when? where?
  • Basic grammar to help you form simple sentences
  • Commonly used verbs you need to know
  • Important phrases used in emergencies

Click here to see a sample curriculum

Spanish Level 2 – Beginners 2

This course builds on what you’ve learned on level 1.  Here you will practice using the present tense, but we will add on past and future tense. This level focuses on practice and it’s designed to increase understanding and fluency.

We also do a bit of grammar by looking at commonly used verbs that describe the things you do and learn how to form simple sentences. 

We’ll practice more conversation and increase comprehension through  videos and games.  


NOTE:  DUE TO COVID 19, ALL CLASSES WILL BE online  – click here for info