Courses and teaching

Classes at the West End Community Center are on Mondays evenings.  I am also available for private sessions for individuals and small groups. Lessons can be in person or online.

Course offerings: 

Spanish Level 1 – For Beginners and Travellers

Hola! This class is for everyone who wants to learn a bit of Spanish – for travel,  adventure, or to gain language skills. Be introduced to this beautiful language through phonetics, interactive classes and  Spanish cultural outings. Starting with basic grammar you learn basic questions,  requesting directions,  must-know phrases, and much more!

Spanish Level 2 – Beginner 2/Low intermediate 

This course is designed for those people who can speak some Spanish, but would like to increase their vocabulary and understanding skills. We use conversation, videos, and readings to increase your confidence in the Spanish language.  Our classes will look at and talk about the vibrant culture of the 500 million strong Spanish-speaking world. Included in our course are three culturally-based outings.

Spanish  – “Ensalada

Looking for a Spanish class that allows drop ins? This class is for those who want to learn Spanish but can’t commit to a full semester. Come to one class, or come to all!  Each session is self-contained and emphasizes practical conversational language skills. Every week we explore different topics: greetings, asking for directions, must-know phrases, ordering food, shopping, and telling people who you are.