I know a fantastic local Spanish teacher here in Vancouver. She is now retired but we can still enjoy her stories and ability to teach!

She has put her many years of language teaching experience to compile a fun set of lessons into a book called Soleado.

This book has been used at VCC, UBC and Langara and it takes you through basic all the way to intermediate levels.

On her sol educational website, she offers videos, lessons and practice examples.

You can even learn to make Sangria! Enjoy!

Shows you can use to learn Spanish

A lot of times it's easier to learn a language by immersing yourself - what's an easy way to learn? by watching movies.

Watch any of the following shows online to listen to Spanish and be entertained by stories and the histories of the people.

(Remember to watch the show in Spanish and turn on English subtitles)

Simon Bolivar (Netflix)

Fantastic historical drama set in the 1800's - learn about the independence of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia

Xica da Silva (Youtube)

The story of the first group of Portuguese in 1700's Brazil - a tremendous love story between Xica and her "comandante". Xica was warning: this show has strong scenes and it takes place at the time when slavery was still part of their lives

Grand Hotel (Netflix)

Fantastic love story! This is Spanish from Spain, you'll get a different flavour of Spanish than what you get from the Americas. It's Titanic but in Spanish 🙂

Online learning resources


A language website and application; the most popular one and free.


VPL’s digital online language learning resources.  You will need a Library card.   It ” provides access to online learning materials for 80 languages…Many languages have up to ten 8 week structured courses.  Pronunciator also includes lessons for children, downloadable audio lessons, PDF phrase books and thousands of songs” Vancouver Public Library

English/Spanish dictionary

This is the link to the Collin’s Spanish dictionary


For more advanced learners, this is a link to the ¨Real Academia Española¨. online dictionary in Spanish only.  This website also provides information for those interested in learning about the history and/or changes made to the Spanish language.