Karen Betsabé Mitchell – CEO

Karen is a native Spanish speaker, born in Honduras and raised in Victoria, BC, she studied teaching at the University of British Columbia.  Karen has been working as an interpreter, translator and teacher of this beautiful language in Vancouver for the past 15 years.   Karen teaches groups at the West End Community Centre, as offers individual tutoring.

My focus is

  • Communication in real life situations.
  • Teaching Spanish effectively and in the shortest amount of time.
  • Teaching useful phrases for travelling

Teaching approach

  • Experiential learning or “learning through doing” in a fun environment.
  • We will learn the basic ABC’s of written and spoken Spanish including:
    • The alphabet, telephone, calendar
    • Numbers, useful verbs
  • Travel Spanish
    • Useful phrases (i.e. gracias, disculpe, ¡ayuda!)
    • Greetings (¡Hola! ¿Cómo esta? ¿Qué tal?, hasta luego, nos vemos)
    • Asking for directions and sightseeing.
    • Shopping (¿Cúanto cuesta?)

Using methods to appeal to all learning styles including: games to tackle grammar, conversations with your peers, practicing at home using visual aids and watching “homework” videos to continue learning between classes, and participating in community events to promote cultural understanding and have fun!

Adult Language Classes